Standing At an Angle to the Universe

Author Cliff Burns presents a limited series on books, literature and the writing life. He offers no quarter to the amateurs and fanboys/girls who have eroded critical standards and dummied down discourse by trolling anyone who dares offer a dissenting voice or pans their favorite genre or author. Ten episodes, each guaranteed to offend some segment of the reading or writing world.

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Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Your humble host has a long (50-year) relationship with science fiction, dating back to childhood. In this episode he addresses what he likes and doesn't like about the genre, as well as giving some stick to the fanboys who have infantilized SF, bullying anyone who addresses its shortcomings or takes issue with their favorite authors/franchises. 
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Thursday Jun 01, 2023

The inaugural episode of "Standing At an Angle to the Universe", host Cliff Burns reflecting on the few joys and many sorrows of being an independent author and publisher. He also lists the books and authors that inspired him to pick up a pen in the first place.
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